Luther’s Key Political Writings: Divine Kingdom, Holy Order

Did Martin Luther advocate modern secular states, leaving Christian morality out of the public sphere? Or did he hopelessly confuse church and state? Did he have a consistent political approach? Dispelling myths and misinterpretations, Jarrett Carty explores Luther’s political thought in Divine Kingdom, Holy Order, the first major anthology focused on the reformer’s political writings.

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Concordia Commentary on the Johannine Epistles Available Now

CPH is pleased to announce the release of the twenty-third volume in the Concordia Commentary series, available now. The new commentary covers 1, 2, and 3 John. These epistles represent the singular voice of an extraordinary theologian. John, the last living apostle, writes to his “children.” For decades John has served as the elder father(…)

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Explore the Newest Volumes of Luther’s Works: American Edition

Volumes 59 and 60 of the American Edition of Luther’s Works present a collection of the prefaces for the works of others written by Martin Luther throughout his career. The more than 80 documents included in these two volumes paint an intriguing picture of the reformer as he interacts with friends and opponents and subject matter(…)

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