Valerius Herberger on the Sabbath Rest

This excerpt introduces the meditations on Genesis prepared by Valerius Herberger (1562–1627), a Lutheran pastor in Fraustadt (now Wschowa), Poland. Herberger regarded the Scriptures “rather like the linen cloths that wrapped the infant Jesus in the manger, and traced his Lord in every little wrinkle” (from the translator’s preface). 

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Valerius Herberger and the Genesis Commentary

In 2010 and 2011, Concordia Publishing House released the two-volume devotional commentary on Genesis of pastor and theologian Valerius Herberger (1562-1627). A Lutheran pastor in Fraustadt (now Wschowa), Poland, Herberger preached through the books of the Old Testament from Genesis through Ruth, producing devout meditations on the Scriptures. “These he regarded rather like the linen cloths(…)

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Upcoming Volumes of Johann Gerhard, Theological Commonplaces

2013          On Creation and Predestination Includes the commonplaces On Creation and Angels, On Providence, On Election and Reprobation, and On the Image of God in Man before the Fall. This volume is notable for its section on the angels and its discussion of many aspects of the doctrine of election. 2014          On Sin and Free(…)

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