What Does It Mean to Be a Lutheran University?

The recently released book The Idea and Practice of a Christian University: A Lutheran Approach offers a biblical, Lutheran view of higher education that’s rooted in the interaction of faith and learning. In the following excerpt from Dr. Steven Mueller’s chapter, “Distinctives of Lutheran Theology for Higher Education,” he talks about about Lutheranism as “a living(…)

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New Release: The Idea and Practice of a Christian University

What’s the relationship between faith and learning? Should higher education be aimed at career readiness, or at nurturing students’ minds and spirits to embrace a multi-vocational understanding of their lives? New from Concordia Publishing House, The Idea and Practice of a Christian University argues for a return to unashamedly Lutheran higher education for the greater(…)

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What Are the Duties of Ministers of the Church?

Johann Gerhard (1582–1637) is considered by many as the third preeminent theologian of the Lutheran Reformation, following Martin Luther and Martin Chemnitz. In his magisterial Theological Commonplaces, he systematically, skillfully, and precisely presents the doctrines of the Christian faith, arguing against the positions of Roman Catholics (as represented by Robert Bellarmine) and the Reformed (as(…)

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