About Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes, Ph. D.

At CPH since 2006, Benjamin Mayes is the managing editor for Luther's Works: American Edition, the general editor for Johann Gerhard's Theological Commonplaces, and oversees other book projects.

Posts by Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes, Ph. D.:

Why are so many great Lutheran books called “Commonplaces” or “Loci”?

Many classic Lutheran books of theology have similar titles. Johann Gerhard wrote Theological Commonplaces [Loci theologici]. Martin Chemnitz wrote a book of the same title [Loci theologici]. And Philip Melanchthon, Luther’s right-hand man in the Reformation, wrote his Commonplaces [Loci communes] in 1521. (He later changed the name to Chief Theological Topics [Loci praecipui theologici].)(…)

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Upcoming Volumes of Johann Gerhard, Theological Commonplaces

2013          On Creation and Predestination Includes the commonplaces On Creation and Angels, On Providence, On Election and Reprobation, and On the Image of God in Man before the Fall. This volume is notable for its section on the angels and its discussion of many aspects of the doctrine of election. 2014          On Sin and Free(…)

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Tools in Luther’s Homiletical Toolbox

The first volume of Luther’s Church Postil (LW 75, sermons for the church year) is out, and I hope you’ve been enjoying it. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the next volume of the Church Postil, and as I did so, I became very aware of Luther’s preaching style. Luther’s preaching was popular at(…)

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See us in Fort Wayne, IN, at Symposia for Exegetical Theology and the Lutheran Confessions

Next week, Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN, will sponsor their annual Symposia series, which is the largest annual gathering of LCMS pastors, and brings together clergy and laity from all over the world. CPH editor Dr. Benjamin Mayes will be at the conference, and looks forward to meeting you. Contact him at if you’d like(…)

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See us in Cincinnati at the Sixteenth Century Society & Conference

The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) promotes scholarship on the early modern era, broadly defined (ca. 1450 – ca. 1660). The 2012 annual conference will take place from October 25-28, 2012, at the Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. CPH editor Dr. Benjamin Mayes will be at the conference, and looks forward to(…)

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Concordia Commentary Authors Honored at Day of Exegetical Reflection

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, hosted the annual Day of Exegetical Reflection on Sept. 17, 2012. The seminary graciously allowed CPH to honor three commentary authors by presenting them with special leather-bound copies of their most recent contributions to the series. Pictured, from left to right, are Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis), holding Matthew 11:2–20:34;(…)

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See us in St. Louis at the “Day of Exegetical Reflection”

The “Day of Exegetical Reflection” at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo. (Sept. 17, 2012) presents an opportunity to reflect on the unified message of the canonical Scriptures. This year the focus is on how Christ is portrayed in the Old Testament. CPH editor Dr. Christopher Mitchell will be at the conference, and looks forward to(…)

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See us in Fort Wayne at “Lutheranism and the Classics”

The second “Lutheranism and the Classics” conference at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind. (Sept. 28–29, 2012) presents an opportunity to consider what the wisdom and literature of the ancient past can contribute to Christian faith and life today. CPH editor Dr. Benjamin Mayes will be at the conference, and looks forward to meeting you.(…)

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Luther’s Works General Editor Honored with Tenure

Concordia Publishing House congratulates and rejoices with Dr. Christopher Brown on the occasion of his obtaining tenure at Boston University School of Theology. Dr. Brown, whose rank is now Associate Professor of Church History, serves as general editor for Luther’s Works: American Edition. Boston University is the fourth-largest private university in the United States, with approximately 33,000 students and 4000 faculty in eighteen schools. The Boston University School of Theology, the oldest school of the university, was founded by New England Methodists in 1839. Dr. Brown teaches Church History in the School of Theology, including a survey of the history of Christianity and specialized courses in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Reformation.

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How Catholic Was the Reformation?

Did the Reformation completely reject medieval Catholicism? How did Lutheran teaching express itself in the life of the congregation? In 1959, Ernst Walter Zeeden coined the phrase Konfessionsbildung (confession-building) to describe the process of change at the time of the Reformation. His research revealed that Catholic faith and practice was not rejected immediately nor completely by(…)

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