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At CPH since 2009, Sarah Steiner is a production editor for the professional and academic book team. She works on many academic titles, including coordinating the peer review books, and also helps out with Bible resource projects.

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Distinguishing Law and Gospel

On September 12, 1884, students piled into the auditorium of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, for Professor C. F. W. Walther’s usual Friday evening “Luther Hour” lecture. The new topic, which would last every Friday evening for one and a half school years, was the proper distinction between Law and Gospel. Walther recognized the apparent contradictions(…)

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Q&A with Timothy Schmeling, editor of Lives and Writings of the Great Fathers of the Lutheran Church

The wisdom and biblical teachings of the early Lutheran Church have been locked away in German and Latin for centuries. But coming soon from Concordia Publishing House, Lives and Writings of the Great Fathers of the Lutheran Church provides a key to this treasure chest by introducing the chief confessional Lutheran theologians from the era(…)

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“Waiting for Contentment,” A Devotion from Living Life, Living Faith

Waiting for Contentment Philippians 4:11–13 When I was young, I prayed for patience. When I was older, I prayed that I would have to stop waiting for things to happen! As I grew older, I learned firsthand that if you wait for contentment it will never come. In searching for that time of peace and(…)

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An Excerpt from Blessed: God’s Gift of Love

Throughout the course of any given day, we often ask for God’s blessing—for ourselves or for others—almost as a matter of routine. We ask for God’s blessing during times of great sadness and at times of great joy. We ask for God’s blessing when we awake and when we go to bed at night. We(…)

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In Commemoration of Bernard of Clairvaux

On August 19th, the Church commemorated Bernard of Clairvaux (1069–1153), Hymnwriter and Theologian. Bernard was a French abbot who reformed the Cistercian order of monks. In The Real Luther: A Friar at Erfurt and Wittenberg, Franz Posset explores the often neglected area of Luther research—the influence of Bernard of Clairvaux upon Luther. Posset gets into(…)

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What People Are Saying about Has American Christianity Failed?

In this sparkling handbook of Lutheran theology, the author draws on his own experience of popular American Christianity. Yet his focus is not on his own story but on the common impact of God’s Word as Law and Gospel on its hearers. Against the backdrop of American Christianity’s spiritually shallow and superficially biblical claims, he(…)

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“I’m spiritual, not religious,” an excerpt from Has American Christianity Failed?

American Christianity teaches the centrality of the individual—my will, my experiences, my decision, my heart, my work, and my dedication. Yet we couldn’t be more unaware that Christ and His saving and comforting work are being lost. In Has American Christianity Failed?, author Bryan Wolfmueller sounds the alarm against the false teaching and dangerous practices of(…)

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Newest Addition to Luther’s Works Presents Sermons from the 1530s

Volume 57 of Luther’s Works contains a selection of Luther’s preaching between May 1531 and June 1539. These sermons exhibit Luther’s understanding of the Trinity and Christology, Law and Gospel, justification, Baptism, the Christian life, marriage, ordination and ministry, and eschatology. These topics reflect, in part, the circumstances of the Evangelical church in the decade(…)

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“The Promise From Which Prayer Flows,” an excerpt from Praying Luther’s Small Catechism

You, your family, and your church are invited to return to the riches of the Small Catechism. Beyond its purpose as a handbook and outline of Christian teachings, Luther’s Small Catechism is also a prayer book for every age. Not a textbook, a homework assignment, or a friend for children only. In his book, Praying(…)

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An Excerpt from Sexual Morality in a Christless World

A year after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, we have a carefully considered response to our culture’s sexual ethics: Matthew Rueger’s Sexual Morality in a Christless World. Rueger demonstrates how Christians have been countercultural since the beginning, contrasting Christian views on sex with the Roman and Jewish cultures. An analysis of specific Bible passages(…)

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