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Dawn Mirly Weinstock has been with Concordia Publishing House for 25 years and has served as a production editor for professional and academic books for more than 10 years. Her projects have included Luther's Works, Johann Gerhard’s Theological Commonplaces, and the writings of Hermann Sasse, C. F. W. Walther, and many others.

Posts by Dawn Weinstock:

Luther on Christ’s “Sermon” to the Emmaus Disciples

We rejoice today that Satan, sin, death, and the grave have been conquered. Alleluia, He is risen! Christ is risen indeed, Alleluia! In this excerpt from Luther’s sermon on Luke 24:13–35 included in his Church Postil, the reformer reflects on the “sermon” that the risen Christ preached to the two disciples as they traveled from Jerusalem to Emmaus.(…)

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An excerpt from Letters to Lutheran Pastors, volume 2

German theologian Hermann Sasse (1895–1976) was trained at the University of Berlin but became a convinced confessional Lutheran after discovering the writings of Wilhelm Löhe while studying in the United States. His professional career at the University of Erlangen was forever marked by Hitler and the Nazis. Sasse was a vocal opponent of the Third(…)

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Release of Letters to Lutheran Pastors 3 Concludes a Nearly 25-Year Publishing Journey

With this third volume of Hermann Sasse’s Letters to Lutheran Pastors, an effort of nearly a quarter century comes to a close. There is, to be sure, much more Sasse to translate and publish, and others have and are taking up the challenge. . . . With two volumes of The Lonely Way and with(…)

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Luther on Baptism

The observance of the Baptism of Our Lord on January 11 offers the opportunity to reflect on the significance of Baptism in the life of a Christian. What exactly occurs when water and the Word are applied to a sinful human being? Luther addressed this life-giving Sacrament in a sermon on John 20:19–31 included in his Church(…)

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Luther on Resisting Temptation

By God’s grace, today we begin a new year. In keeping with the secular tradition of making resolutions, we provide this excerpt from Luther’s Church Postil. In this selection from his sermon on 1 Corinthians 5:6–8, Luther encourages all Christians to resist temptation. Can we do this by ourselves? Certainly not. But God gives His Holy(…)

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Luther on Confession and Absolution

The newest addition to Luther’s Works, American edition, is Volume 77, which continues Luther’s 1540–44 Church Postil. The sermons in this volume cover Easter through Pentecost, providing a message on the appointed Epistle and Gospel readings. In his customary fashion, Luther explicates Scripture and also addresses church history, the contemporary situation, and urges his listeners to(…)

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Luther’s Summer Postil Focus of Newest Release in Luther’s Works

Just in time for Christmas, the third volume in Concordia’s release of Luther’s Church Postil (sermons for the church year) is now available. Part of the ongoing translation of Luther’s Works, this volume is the first of the Summer Postil (1544). In combination with the final edition of Luther’s Winter Postil (1540, LW 75–76), the whole(…)

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The Diaconate in the Ancient Church

In The Diaconate of the Ancient and Medieval Church, eminent Wittenberg law professor Caspar Ziegler (1621–90) provides contemporary church workers and students of history with a detailed description of how Christians have shown mercy to a lost and dying world from apostolic times to the Reformation. Ziegler’s detailed study engages at least 500 primary sources to illustrate expertly the(…)

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Upcoming Volumes for Johann Gerhard, Theological Commonplaces

NOW AVAILABLE: On Sin and Free Choice Includes the commonplaces On Original Sin, On Actual Sins, and On Free Choice. This volume is notable in opposing “decision theology,” in which one’s conversion and salvation depend ultimately on human choice. August 2015: On the Law This volume is notable for its comprehensive moral theology, structured upon(…)

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Preview the Next Volume of Luther’s Works!

In his role as a professor of Old Testament, Luther never lectured or composed a full commentary on Matthew. He preached on it regularly, however, not only from the traditional lectionary texts for the church year but especially in a series of fifty-six sermons on Matthew 18–24 (LW 67–68), which he preached to the people(…)

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