“James Voelz’s concentration on the distinctiveness and precision of Mark’s language and style distinguishes this learned and readable commentary from others on the market. The clarity of his articulate expositions, the abundance of helpful examples given and the alertness to contrary views testify to the book’s origins in decades of inspiring teaching. Now a world-wide readership is able to participate in this meticulous analysis of Mark’s Gospel.”

  —J. Keith Elliott, Emeritus Professor of New Testament Textual Criticism,
The University of Leeds, UK

“Voelz brings to his task years of engagement with the Gospel of Mark, an enthusiasm for exegesis, a particular focus on linguistic matters, and a scholarly voice of his own.  This weighty commentary will repay consulting it.”

       —L. W. Hurtado, Emeritus Professor of New Testament Language,
Literature & Theology,
University of Edinburgh, Scotland

 “This is a first: a commentary whose primary focus is the significance of the syntax and structure of the Greek text. Insightful, at times helpfully provocative, and always stimulating, this volume is guaranteed a spot within easy reach on my shelf. A must for all serious students and readers of Mark.”

—Rikk Watts, Professor of New Testament, Regent College, Vancouver
, Canada