Why Should I Trust the Bible?

You or people you know have likely had tough questions about the Bible at some point or another. Maybe you’ve even heard things like, “The Bible is racist.” Or, “The Bible has too many errors and edits.” Or, “The Bible is merely a mythological story like Homer’s Odyssey.” Author Trevor Sutton’s newest book Why Should(…)

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Whatever Happened to the Gospel?

CPH recently released the second edition of Craig Parton’s The Defense Never Rests, a powerful critique of American Christianity that provides a defense of the pure Gospel. The new edition features sections dealing with the challenges of New Atheism, Bart Ehrman, and the new wave of biblical criticism. The following excerpt is from the book’s introduction.

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What Does the Resurrection Mean?

He is risen! In celebration of this joyous occasion, we’re posting an excerpt from Craig Parton’s chapter in Making the Case for Christianity in which he investigates the facts and evidence surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Accessible to readers of all levels, Making the Case for Christianity: Responding to Modern Objections introduces specific intellectual objections to(…)

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Korey Maas Discusses Making the Case for Christianity

Christians are being called to defend their faith as never before—whether in the political sphere, in the work environment, and especially in personal discussions. Are you prepared “to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15)? Making the Case for Christianity: Responding to(…)

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New Release Helps Christians Make the Case for Christianity

Making the Case for Christianity: Responding to Modern Objections, available now, prepares Christians to defend their faith. Accessible to readers of all levels, Making the Case for Christianity introduces specific intellectual objections to the Christian faith and then demonstrates how these objections might rationally be answered. Topics covered include the existence of God, the Gospels as(…)

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