Coming Soon! Chemnitz’s Works: Church Order

Coming soon from Concordia Publishing House, the Chemnitz-Andreae Church Order shows not only what those who confessed the Augsburg Confession believed, but also how the Lutheran Reformation put that faith into action and handed down the faith by means of orderly worship, church governance, and education. The following excerpt describes the services that were held(…)

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Devotions for Pentecost

Yesterday the Church celebrated Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Easter Sunday when the Holy Spirit was outpoured on the disciples and many people came to faith in Christ. Posted below are the devotions for the day of Pentecost and the day after Pentecost from The Lord Will Answer, a devotional book arranged by the seasons(…)

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The Creating and Preserving Nature of God the Father

For Martin Luther, God’s action in creation, redemption, sanctification, justification, and prayer are inseparably tied together. Albrecht Peters’ Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms: Creed shows the development of Luther’s thoughts on the persons of the Trinity and their work and provides the needed context for Luther’s interpretation within that of the Western tradition. The following excerpt(…)

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Spangenberg’s The Christian Year of Grace Now Available

A key feature of the Lutheran Reformation was the transformation of preaching and catechesis. Luther’s catechisms and his postils (collections of sermons)—rendered affordable to the layperson with the advent of printing—were standard volumes in the devotional libraries of many Christians. Johann Spangenberg, a colleague of Martin Luther, further adapted the postil form for catechesis with(…)

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Coming this November! The Christian Year of Grace

After Martin Luther’s Postils (sermons on the appointed Bible readings of the Church Year), Johann Spangenberg’s Questions and Answers was the premier Lutheran devotional book of the Reformation era. His explanations of the chief parts of Scripture, in question-and-answer format, taught and fed countless Evangelical Lutheran people of all ages and vocations for centuries. Now(…)

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