Martin Luther and Reform

The Church from Age to Age examines key historic events from the time of the apostles through today. Informative and clearly written, readers of all ages will find the answers to the who, why, and how behind the current state of Christianity the world over. The following excerpt discusses some of the reforms that occurred(…)

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It’s the LORD’s Supper

Celebrating the Lord’s Supper is not an option. It is the Savior’s will. He instituted it. He commanded it. He said, “Do this.” This night gets its name, “Maundy Thursday,” from the Latin word mandatum, “command.” In the Upper Room, Jesus said, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another” (Jn(…)

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What Others Are Saying about Church Fellowship

This book could easily be titled, “The Best of Walther,” because it contains his most significant essays outside of his well-known Law & Gospel and Church & Office books. All the essays are eminently relevant today. Walther’s writings on confessional subscription, doctrinal development, and the duties of a Lutheran synod are alone well worth the(…)

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An Excerpt from Walther’s Works: Church Fellowship

From 1857 to 1884, C. F. W. Walther (the first president of the LCMS) wrote numerous articles and speeches addressing Lutheran identity and Lutheran unity in doctrine and practice on the basis of Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. For the first time, these previously scattered, inaccessible, and even forgotten writings are being brought together in Church(…)

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