Why the Church Struggles with Confirmation

When children are in their early elementary school years, their minds are actually at the peak time for easy rote memorization. And yet, many Protestant churches begin formal confirmation instruction years after this formative period. What are the effects of this lapse in time? Too often, young teens fall away from their church after confirmation—a(…)

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Q&A with Dr. David Rueter, author of Teaching the Faith at Home

CPH recently released Teaching the Faith at Home: What Does This Mean? How Is This Done? by Dr. David Rueter, director of the DCE program at Concordia University Irvine and the Youth and Family Ministry Facilitator for the Pacific Northwest District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. In his new book, Dr. Rueter passionately challenges the status quo of confirmation practices and(…)

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Martin Luther and Reform

The Church from Age to Age examines key historic events from the time of the apostles through today. Informative and clearly written, readers of all ages will find the answers to the who, why, and how behind the current state of Christianity the world over. The following excerpt discusses some of the reforms that occurred(…)

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