Johann Gerhard

Announcing the Release of On the Law (Johann Gerhard)

On the Law, the newest volume in the translation of Johann Gerhard’s Theological Commonplaces, is now available. In this volume, Gerhard addresses the moral Law of God, revealed in Scripture and nature, as well as all other kinds of laws, such as the ceremonies and civil laws of the Old Testament. Here the reader finds a(…)

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Upcoming Volumes for Johann Gerhard, Theological Commonplaces

NOW AVAILABLE: On Sin and Free Choice Includes the commonplaces On Original Sin, On Actual Sins, and On Free Choice. This volume is notable in opposing “decision theology,” in which one’s conversion and salvation depend ultimately on human choice. August 2015: On the Law This volume is notable for its comprehensive moral theology, structured upon(…)

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An Excerpt in Commemoration of Johann Gerhard

Johann Gerhard (1582–1637) is considered by many as the third preeminent theologian of the Lutheran Reformation, following Martin Luther and Martin Chemnitz. In his magisterial Theological Commonplaces, he systematically, skillfully, and precisely presents the doctrines of the Christian faith, arguing against the positions of Roman Catholics (as represented by Robert Bellarmine) and the Reformed (as(…)

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See us in Fort Wayne at “Lutheranism and the Classics”

The second “Lutheranism and the Classics” conference at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind. (Sept. 28–29, 2012) presents an opportunity to consider what the wisdom and literature of the ancient past can contribute to Christian faith and life today. CPH editor Dr. Benjamin Mayes will be at the conference, and looks forward to meeting you.(…)

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Announcing the release of Johann Gerhard’s “On the Ministry II”

Concordia Publishing House is proud to present Gerhard’s On the Ministry II, the latest volume of the Theological Commonplaces in English, coming beside On the Ministry I and On the Church to complete Gerhard’s definitive treatment of the doctrines of church and ministry. We asked Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes, general editor for the series, how this volume can help pastors today, what(…)

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