John Pless

What People Are Saying about The Unholy Trinity

Michael Lockwood shows that God’s use of the Law—for Christians as well as for non-Christians—includes the sufferings of life that destroy our self-sufficiency, which is the root of all idolatry. His book is full of practical suggestions for pastoral care and evangelistic outreach and will be an enormously helpful resource for pastors. —Gene Edward Veith,(…)

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“The Promise From Which Prayer Flows,” an excerpt from Praying Luther’s Small Catechism

You, your family, and your church are invited to return to the riches of the Small Catechism. Beyond its purpose as a handbook and outline of Christian teachings, Luther’s Small Catechism is also a prayer book for every age. Not a textbook, a homework assignment, or a friend for children only. In his book, Praying(…)

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