An Excerpt from Blessed: God’s Gift of Love

Throughout the course of any given day, we often ask for God’s blessing—for ourselves or for others—almost as a matter of routine. We ask for God’s blessing during times of great sadness and at times of great joy. We ask for God’s blessing when we awake and when we go to bed at night. We(…)

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Galatians: A Rare Glimpse into Early Christianity

The apostle Paul wrote a passionate letter to the Galatians, offering a rare glimpse into the early history of the emerging Christian movement. At the center of debate is whether Gentile Christians should be compelled to obey the Law of Moses, or if justification is purely by grace. A. Andrew Das delivers an informed and(…)

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Festschrift Honors the Rev. Dr. Dean Wenthe

As professor, pastor, and president, Christ has always been at the center of Dean Orrin Wenthe’s confession and practice. His clarity of thought and charity of heart has encouraged and in­spired his parishioners, colleagues, and, especially, students entering the pastoral min­istry in coming to a deeper understanding of their Lord Christ. Written in honor of(…)

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Concordia Editor Celebrates 25 Years in the Ministry

With thanksgiving to God, CPH celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the ordination of Rev. Christopher W. Mitchell (B.S., M.Div., M.A., Ph.D.). Rev. Mitchell serves as CPH editor for the Concordia Commentary series. Previous to his arrival at CPH, Rev. Mitchell served as a pastor in Minnesota. The following interview provides a brief introduction to a(…)

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