Excerpt from Concordia Commentary: Romans 9-16

CPH is pleased to introduce the latest volume in the Concordia Commentary series: Romans 9–16 by Michael Middendorf. This volume is a welcome conclusion to his, and our, continued journey through Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.  In his analysis of this much-neglected second half of Paul’s Epistle, Middendorf continues to expound on Paul’s theme: “The(…)

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Q&A with Dr. Michael Middendorf, author of Concordia Commentary: Romans

CPH is proud to announce the release of Concordia Commentary: Romans 9–16 by Dr. Michael Middendorf! As does Middendorf’s commentary on Romans 1–8, this commentary provides a clear exposition of the Law and Gospel theology in Paul’s most comprehensive epistle, delivering beneficial insight for preachers and biblical teachers who desire to be faithful to the(…)

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What Others Are Saying about Concordia Commentary: Romans 9-16

In the Book of Romans, Paul conveys the essence of the Christian faith in a universal manner that has been cherished by believers—and challenged by unbelievers—perhaps more so than any other biblical book. In Romans 1–8, Paul discloses the righteousness of God and our life in and through our Lord Jesus Christ. But he is(…)

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Romans: A Contextual Letter with Universal Application

In commemoration of St. Peter and St. Paul today, we are posting an excerpt from Michael Middendorf’s commentary on St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Romans 1–8 articulates the meaning of the Greek text of Romans in its original context for the benefit of the church and world today. Though a theologically thorough and high(…)

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